My name, as you probably guessed, is Alex May.

  I was introduced to my first 3D modelling program when I was fourteen.  I had a blast, but as an introductory high school class it was no more than a taster.  My next foray into 3D came during my second year at Champlain College in Burlington, VT.  At the time I was studying Electronic Game Development as a Designer, and was required to take an introductory course to Maya.  By taking the course, I discovered I was in the wrong major.

 I love 3D.  While I have other hobbies and interests, nothing excites me more than the opportunity to sit down and sculpt an awesome landscape or character.  Bringing a scene to life through storytelling within the environment is particularly satisfying.  The props in a scene tell the viewer about the lives of the people who live there; the more interesting the story conveyed, the better the scene.

I just finished a contract workin on Project Spark:

I am currently working at Bungie


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Maya, Zbrush, 3DCoat, Photoshop, UDK, Speed Tree



Environment Artist II at Microsoft from July 2012- present

Environment Artist at 38 Studios from June 2011-May 2012

Lead Artist on two independent student games

Freelance artist - present

Internships with Unknown Wolrds and America's Army



Champlain College, Game art and animation Bachelors degree - 2011


 References available upon request including: 

Kari Sutherland - Environment art Director at 38 Studios.

Damarcus Holbrook - Senior Environment artist at 38 Studios

Senior Environmental artist at Eidos Montreal.

Senior Concept Artist at Ubisoft Montreal.

Senior Animator at Artificial Mind and Movement, Montreal.

President & Chairman of the GE Foundation.

Various professors



Contact information:

email -

 (203) 767 - 4002


Champlain College EGD program: